All About waterproof tvs

All About waterproof tvs

There are lots of different items and special features that you can add to your home when updating or renovate rooms, but one of the lesser-known but very stylish updates that can be added, are water proof tv for the bathroom. They are waterproof and are available in numerous styles and finishes including mirrored, fully flush fitting and semi-flush fitting.

In the past, these amazing TVs could only be found in the most expensive and luxurious hotels or multimillion pound homes, but now due to a lower cost manufacturing process, they are now much more affordable.

Here are some reasons why these incredible products could well be just what you are looking for your bathroom or shower renovation. Maybe that little piece of magic to make what would be a lovely new bathroom, even more amazing:

TVs are all HD ready.

They are easy to fit with a simple framework that fits into the wall tiles. Fitting the unit is well within the scope of any competent DIYer, a simple template is used which creates the required recess allowing TV backplate to be fitted. All units are constructed with a waterproof seal to meet wet room regulations. They can be used in bathrooms, wet rooms and also inside any shower facility. Many different finishes and styles are available which means these waterproof television products can fit seamlessly into your decorating scheme. Screens are also heated which is, of course, a major benefit when used in changeable temperatures and humidity of a bathroom or shower. Incredibly no electrical mains power leads are part of the product or installation process, which is both safer to use and also easier to install as there is no need to hire the services of a professional electrician. There will only be aerial and audio cables present. All products come with a fully waterproof remote control unit which is crucial as it means you can change your TV’s channels safely without moving from within the comfort of your bath or shower.

So there it is, the waterproof tv, a fantastic modern product that is no longer. No longer do you have to be residing in an expensive house or a plush boutique hotel to experience this kind of luxury. If you are thinking about the renovation or updating of your bathroom these brilliant products are well worth considering. Have a look at them online at one of the specialty websites that sell them. There will be experts available to help guide you through any questions you may have.